MEGA PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP has 16+ years’ manufacturing experience. We have world class manufacturing plants specialized in producing and packaging powders, softgels, chewable gel candies, tablets, hard shells, and liquids.

MEGA PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP was established in Auckland, New Zealand by our founder and Director Mr. Easter Wu. We started with the production of Infant formula and other pregnancy and infant nutritional products for export. The powder operation was later expanded to non-infant wider consumer range nutritional products like probiotics powders, tablets, hard shell capsules, liquid product, probiotics drops, softgel capsules, chewable gel candies etc. MEGA PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP has 5 manufacturing sites spread across Auckland.

We have a very experienced R&D and NPD team to develop new product concepts. Each product development and formulation are based on extensive research and study of raw materials and manufacturing steps. Our director Mr. Wu personally monitors product development projects to ensure the best outcome for our clients. 

We have very strong relationship with World’s leading raw materials manufacturers and suppliers. We hold exclusive supply agreement for many clinically tested and scientifically proven raw materials. Our team continuously test the stability of products we manufacture. We have a great record of producing top quality stable products.

MEGA PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP is well known for its top quality, fast lead time, competitive price, and good customer service. Each manufacturing site is specialized in its category and have experienced teams to deliver the best results for our customers.